Fast new fiber on-ramps to the internet are coming to your neighborhood.

Our lives are a collection of moments—some great moments– strung together—we want you to be able to use them wisely.  That’s why you need Intelecyn Speed™ internet from RTC Communications because you wouldn’t want to waste a moment.

Imagine being able to:

  • Upload and download data files—fast
  • Connect your mobile phones, tablets and laptops
  • Stream HD movies—yup more than one
  • Faster computer networking
  • Eliminate lag when online gaming
  • Sharing large files with ease
  • Host your own video conferencing and Skype meetings
  • Increase the value of your home by potentially thousands because of your fiber connection


Intelecyn Speed Internet features:

  • State of-the-art fiber network
  • Advanced Gigacenter support for a host of advanced services
  • No Data Caps!  Let’s repeat that—NO DATA CAPS!
  • With our symmetric service; your upload speed is the same as download speed in numerous packages—that’s important for peak performance of your connected devices in your home or business.
  • Next generation mesh network for better WiFi coverage throughout your home


And if you live in the RTC territory, our customers are our owners.  Brings new meaning to the phrase, “we listen to our customers.”  Call us or come in, today.