Meet the Commercial InteleTech Team

Director of Commercial Operations

Kevin Riehle

Kevin lives in Southern Indiana where he has been a Technical Supervisor, Outside Plant Manager and an I&R Technician with an accumulation of 25+ years of experience in rural telecommunications. He brings deep expertise and experience in operations, commercial services and advanced telecommunications systems. He brings expertise in: phone systems, high-speed internet, fiber optic services, logistics, along with many others. 


Manager of Technologies & Business Development

Tim Burris

Tim has 15+ years of IT and administrative experience with certifications in numerous sectors of technology such as Comptia A+, Security+ and VMWare along with many others. His primary focus is virtualization, server and network administration along with security. His experience ranges from Internet Help Desk Advocate to Manager of Technology. In his free time, Tim enjoys old fashioned tabletop gaming, movies and reading.

Business Solutions Specialist

Pete Wagner

Pete was born and raised in Michigan, but attended college at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics & Computer Technology. After graduating from college, Pete moved to Southern Indiana, where he has been a Business CPE Technician for the past 9 years. Pete is a history enthusiast and enjoys reading, listening to music and being outdoors, but above all else he loves being a terrific husband and dad.

Business Solutions Specialist

Bill Smith

Bill is in current pursuit to earn a bachelor’s degree in informatics, networking and programing. He has had experience in handling networks, security systems, writing customized programs and providing managed services in SOHO environments in the Greene County area. Bill enjoys being outdoors with interest in hiking, boating, riding motorcycles and any and all things related to electronics such as programing, networking, repair and security.